Market entry and setting up a business in Vietnam.

We are not only caring about handing over a business that is in a state of completely ready to operate, but we also help to create milestones and grounds that help our clients develop effectively and sustainably.
  • Policy of assurance Of Vietnam government about business activities
  • Forms and beneficiaries of investment incentives
  • How to choose the form of enterprises
  • Business locations
  • Business name and trade name
  • Charter capital and investment capital
  • Legal representatives
  • Company seal and rules
  • Charters and shareholder relations managements
  • Initial compliance procedures after business registration
  • Branches, representative offices and other business locations
  • Business license and legal documents

Having vastly professional experiences, VIVA proudly understands each aspect and the ability to string systematically, thereby accurately helping our clients to measure and optimize all procedures related to the establishment and operation of a business in Vietnam in the tailor-made solutions.

Not only do we insight to give advice that exceeds your business expectations, but we also provide resources and ensure that our consultants always bring breakthrough and long-term benefits to clients.

VIVA accompanies entrepreneurs to encourage the formation and development of businesses, creating more and more added values and jobs opportunities for the community.

Operating and managing business activities complying with local regulations

VIVA missions are aimed to provide standards, expertises point of views on corporate governance, and business compliance in the enterprise community. VIVA is a guarantee for wholesome, transparent, and business compliance of customers.

We provide expertise views – solutions – resources to Vietnamese businesses that methodically and sustainably comply with local regulations. We further work along with managers to create and protect high business values in Vietnam.

  • Business record management
  • Tax management
  • Labor relations management and payrolls
  • Accounting and management reports
  • Internal audit and independent audit
  • Purchasing and customer due diligence
  • Business contract management
  • Intellectual property rights and trademark protection
  • Complying with local business laws and regulations

Being a general assistant, chief operation officer, giving instant and endless supports to help CEOs manage and operation the business, VIVA will act as a bodyguard and transporter to help CEOs set and achieve business goals, and immediately find solutions to challenge and against the challenges. Becoming business utility, reliable resources – being the confident solution in business for CEOs.

Finance management – Business valuation, Mergers and Acquisitions

We support to orientate in setting up, exploitation, and development toward resources and business health indicators. We also help indicate necessary changes in the financial system, in shareholder composition, or in a corporate structure; assist in making decisions such as sales or eliminating unprofitable or non-core business activities, to focus on high value-added activities.
  • Business record management
  • Tax management
  • Labor relations management and payrolls
  • Accounting and management reports
  • Internal audit and independent audit
  • Purchasing and customer due diligence
  • Business contract management
  • Intellectual property rights and trademark protection
  • Complying with local business laws and regulations

The management activities help collect fully reflect the history – status quo – potential development of the business. Give information for administration and executive to the Board of Directors, Board of management, Shareholders.

Provide information for investments, mergers and acquisitions. Take opportunities and potential for business developments.

Provide information for credit institutions in expanding loans, guarantees, and credit terms.

Provide information which is a basis for negotiating commercial credit with suppliers.

Provide information for clients especially when they need to participate in bidding projects which is preparation for issuing shares and registering for listing.

Business restructuring, up and downsize or dissolution

Restructuring includes business strategy, governance, capital structure to proactively risks management, optimize return on owner’s equity, expand or narrow the business scale in the optimal ways.
  • Capital restructuring
  • Business industries restructuring
  • Establishment and investment in subsidiaries
  • Planning and procedures for up and downsize or dissolution

Risk management

Risk management - factors affecting survival, profit growth: Changes in government policies; Taxes and amounts payable to the state agencies; Foreign exchange risks; Changes in interest rates; Dependence on key officials; Reliance on a small number of customers, suppliers or projects within the company; Changes in raw material prices; Consolidation among competitors or new entrants into the industry; Specific disputes have started to arise or have gone to court. Prospects of the related industry (s) that influence essential business activities.
  • Risk management in Tax
  • Risk management in Business contracts and International commerce
  • Risk management in Labor relations – labor disputes
  • Risk management in local policies and laws in business


We aim at what our clients need to do is just let VIVA know their goals and then obtain the final results. That is how we have been successfully serving thousands of clients since early 2000s.
Five-step of VIVA's standard operation process:

Know your customer (KYC)

Solve issues in the tailor-made way and propose breakthrough solutions

Advising and implementation plans

Execute and hand over the final results

Hand in hand with our clients countinuously in managing and reviewing the jobs

Resources for guarantees of service quality:
  • Intergrated-professional background and experience since 2006. Understanding the local culture and resources; professional manner to meet the demanding clients who are from multinational companies from Europe, US, Japan …
  • Professionally trained expertises from the United States, Korea, Australia … fluent in English and business conduct.
  • Exclusive network of associated companies on auditing, accounting, law, a system of state agencies at all levels.
  • The service process according to ISO 9001, enables the establishment and effective management of resources, immediate identification of risks, and continuous improvement.
  • Clients’s confidence and choice help VIVA unceasingly accumulate and grow to become excellent in every project, become more powerful, break the normal limits, rise above customer expectations.


VIVA is a business consulting company, specializes in business compliance procedures according to local business laws and regulations since 2006. VIVA has been continuously trusted by thousands of well-known clients since 2006.

We are creating added value for clients by offering exclusive and tailored-made services related to market entry and mandatory business compliances. We keep our client’s good standing in lawful and optimal manners whenever they are working and doing business in Vietnam.


VIVA BCS is a business consultant in mandatory compliance procedures in Vietnam since 2006. The insights and consistent backgrounds in Business Laws – Accounting and Corporate Finance – Tax Management – Labor Relations and Payroll – Secretarial services help us build trust and confidence in the entrepreneurs community.

Our expertise and leaders are being inherent and integrated with the local business environment since the very beginning of Vietnam’s opening and international economic integration, thanks to augmented relations and reformed policies, accordingly Vietnam has been developing since joining the WTO in 2007 and has already signed 12 bilateral and multilateral Free Trade Agreements.

Our extensive expertise and management system facilitates us to connect local business resources and be ready to deliver exclusive services with solutions that exceed all standard limits and satisfy all expectations of our clients.

We proudly have accompanied and contributed to the establishment, operation and development of thousands of local businesses and greater than that number for foreign-invested enterprises in Vietnam.

Our Logo is our Brand name, our signature, it states our faith – independence – transparence – and loyalty for client’s interest. The signature is commitment and honor on our outstanding expertise and professionalism. It is the symbol of good standing for our clients whenever they are doing business with customers, partners, the local competent state agencies…